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Dental Implants versus Dentures – Advantages and Disadvantages

As we age, we learn that having a good set of teeth is beneficial to our daily activities; whether that be a job interview, going out on a date or just simple lunch break with a buddy, smiling for photos, and of course, eating. The color, appearance, symmetry and smell of our mouth and teeth portray a lot about our overall hygiene and personality.

What if you have lost a couple of permanent teeth? What if you have lost ALL of your teeth? There are just things we have to learn the hard way, including the consequences of not taking care of our pearly whites.

Well, if you have figured for yourself that you need them back, I have laid several advantages of getting an implant instead of those dentures.

Dental Implants: The Advantages

Embarrassment-Free Fixtures

Ever thought about having to worry that your dentures might fall off while in the company of your peers? We have seen this in so many televised homemade funny videos, and we do not want to be in that person’s seat.

Here is a worry free solution for you. Implants are designed to fit and stay right where they are supposed to be. You do not have to leave your teeth soaked in a glass of rinsing solution in your bathroom. You sleep WITH your teeth and carry it with you all the time. That is how it is supposed to be. It saves you the hassle of running for it in unexpected situations.

Easy Clean

No need to remove slimy and saliva-filled dentures. With implants, you can have a regular, interdental brushing and/or one mouthwash gargle daily after meals. How easy can that get!

Just remember to ask your dentist how to properly brush your implants after its all healed and you are good.

Spend Less and Live More

Let’s accept the obvious fact that titanium implants come with a hefty price tag. But hey, will you ever need to get up, travel to a store, and get yourself a pack of adhesive bond? No. Do you need to buy another bottle of rinsing agent or a pack of tablet baths? Absolutely not. One regular toothbrush and interdental brush solve it.

With Proper Care, Implants Can Last A Lifetime

Yes, a lifetime. With good daily oral hygiene that includes regular and interdental brushing after meals, you decrease the chances of peri-implantitis and other teeth problems.

Your next dental visit should be your routinary annual prophylaxis.


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