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3 Popular Treats You Never Thought Could Be Good For Your Teeth

There have been debates and myths about what to eat and what-not-to-eat to make sure you keep your teeth healthy and sparkling. There could be really so many rules to follow that sometimes it seems extremely boring.

However, do not fret! I have three good tasty and scrumptious treats that are apparently and actually good for your pearly whites.

Dark Chocolate – Kids are often told that chocolates are bad for your teeth, along with a long list of sweets your tummy crave for once in a while, or often. The chances are that you remember this as you grow old, which is generally good for your dental health.

However, the grown-ups who made you forget chocolates also forgot to tell you one thing. Not all chocolates are bad for your teeth.

Dark chocolate contains antimicrobial substances that limit bacteria in the mouth, which cause gum disease and bad breath. The darker chocolate, the better!

Red Wine – Studies recently show that red wine contains anti-microbial properties that clean your teeth. Whether it is the alcoholic wine that we have loved to drink or the one without good as a conversation starter among friends or family, red wine is okay for your teeth. Beware of the red stains, though. Keep yourself hydrated while drinking and probably eat some slice of cheese. Yummy!

Black Coffee – We always get this. Coffee is bad for your teeth because it causes stains. However, what do not often hear or read is that coffee, when drank black and sugar-free, is good for the teeth.

Like the first two on this list, black coffee contains that antimicrobial substance that eliminates bacteria and later on plaque and odor off your mouth.

I guess we can now enjoy these three treats to clean teeth. Brushing for 2 minutes, twice every day, and flossing, are a primary piece of your oral wellbeing schedule. It is likewise critical to see your dental practitioner for standard checkups and cleanings. The uplifting news is that you can compensate yourself after your dental visit with some delightful treats!

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